The directors of the Biomass Energy Cooperative have a strong background in the Cooperative sector, community enterprise, energy efficiency and cost cutting in a number of industries including the church, youth and community groups, construction and the motor industry.

Chris O’Connor
Technical Director
Ricky Davies
Managing Director
Daniel Price
Business Development Director
Angela headshot
Angela Davies
Projects Director
Phil, headshot round
Phillip Neary
Non-Executive Director
Nigel, Headshot round
Nigel Blandford
Non-Executive Director
Pauline, Headshot round
Pauline Morgan
Nick, Headshot round
Nick Crofts
Non-Executive Director
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Since 2008 our associated companies have been providing innovative management assistance to our clients to assist community groups, sports organisations and businesses in reducing their energy bills. This support has ranged from training staff to changing their behaviour and outlook regarding energy use, through to the development of energy saving equipment. We have now come together as a cooperative of skilled people with the intention of becoming the number one supplier for biomass installations in north west England.

As we are a working cooperative we are able to keep the costs down and our competitive pricing structure at a sensible level, ensuring you get the right products at the right price.

We have recently become the accredited supplier to the NW for one of the main biomass boiler manufacturers in the UK. This company has 50 years’ experience in the biomass boiler industry and have sold hundreds of systems in the UK alone.

We are also the sole UK and Ireland supplier for the truly innovative Multibio system. This cutting edge technology will burn not just wood pellet and wood chip, but can burn an almost endless supply of different waste streams. Multibio is unique thanks to the ground breaking design of the burners. The rotary cylindrical combustion chamber rolls clinker cakes into the ashtray during combustion thus not affecting the operation of the boiler, and significantly reducing the need for maintenance. This innovation offers two clear advantages over other biomass boilers. Firstly the customer can benefit from switching between fuels and take advantage of market fluctuations on fuel prices. Secondly it means that large producers of waste can re-utilise that waste stream as a carbon neutral fuel, reducing both their energy bills, and waste handling bills.

Mission Statement

We are committed to promoting green, sustainable energy solutions far and wide through business, education, farms and community groups. We intend to do this in a fair and commercially attractive way so that we all benefit.