Due being able to install in smoke control areas, our customers are normally urban based and include churches, hotels, apartments, community buildings, golf clubs, social clubs, care homes, and farms. The majority of installations are in the North West of England, but we have a growing customer base throughout the UK. Many of our customers have large premises and have a relatively high demand for heating or hot water.

They are all delighted to find a green solution to their energy requirements that also saves them money. We help them to understand the potential of green energy and how they can get involved. We do this in two ways:

We work with local organisations and businesses individually and provide project management expertise in order to ensure they get an installation appropriate for their needs and to access grants to maximise the benefit to them.

We work with regional and area groupings (such as dioceses or circuits, regional committees and associations). In this work we bring together those responsible for finance and building management in order to help them develop a co-ordinated strategic response for their respective communities and organisations.

  • “Following our boilers being condemned we were faced with a difficult dilemma; install a new gas replacement and be tied to fossil fuels for another 30 years or try the new green technology.  The funding available swung it for us. The installers were friendly, respectful of circumstances and importantly, neat and tidy. They have provided our community with a first class job that delivers a terrific amount of warmth whenever we need it – and all for free, which is fantastic news during these difficult financial times.”

    Father Paul O’Grady, Parish Priest St Saviour’s
  • "The Biomass Energy Co-op came to our golf club and delivered a presentation to the committee about the benefits of installing a biomass system. To be honest we thought that it sounded too good to be true. The incentives available are fantastic and with a failing gas boiler we decided to go green! The Biomass Energy Co‑op were very friendly, they understood the needs of our club and ensured that we knew what was happening at every stage."

    Patrick Keene, Withington Golf Club General Manager

Case Studies

St Saviour’s RC Church and Parish Centre Ellesmere Port, Cheshire

St Saviours is a modern single storey church and licensed parish center located in a large public housing estate in Ellesmere Port Cheshire. Following the failure of their existing gas system the church and diocesan authorities supporting them made the decision to install a biomass boiler system as are placement. The factors influencing this were twofold; firstly the possibility of effectively eliminating their rapidly increasing heating costs and secondly its green credentials. 

Withington Golf Club, Manchester

The club house at Withington Golf Club is a modern two storey building with changing room facilities containing 10 showers. Following the failure of the existing gas boiler the club decided to install a biomass system. They were attracted by the grant income, the likely reduction in energy costs and by its green credentials. The biggest obstacle was that the existing boiler room was underground and too small to accommodate a biomass installation. Fortunately, suitable space was identified nearby, which with some modification could be utilised. Although this extra work increased the overall cost, it was considered viable given the grant scheme available. Over the period of installation we managed to ensure that all the golf club house activities and changing room facilities including showers were undisturbed. We maintained a full consultation with the club secretary and staff in order to keep them abreast of developments and plan around their events. After commissioning we provided training and support to those responsible for the day‑to‑day care of the building.

Application for the RHI grant

Our administration team submitted an application to OFGEM on behalf of Withington Golf Club. The index-linked income will, over the 20 years of the grant scheme, provide the golf club with sufficient funds to more than cover the fuel used, servicing and capital cost of the system.

Example of expected savings

– The installation of a 100kw biomass boiler would generate around £11,500 RHI in the first year, rising to approximately £20,000 in the twentieth through index linked payments. This would provide a total income of around £310,000.

– The fuel required would be about 37 tonnes of biomass pellets each year.

– Currently, the cost of biomass is similar to gas, though this is predicted to change as gas bills are expected to continue to increase above and beyond the rate of inflation.

– This technology will save 29.47 tonnes of CO2 per year compared to a fossil fuel fed system.

– Based on both capital installation costs and fuel costs, this biomass boiler should start to save you money immediately.

Arranging a site visit to one of our systems

Whilst the majority of our installations are in the North West of England, we do have systems operational across the UK. If you are interested in seeing one of our boilers in action, please don’t hestitate to Get in touch with us via the link below