Biomass Energy Co-op has the exclusive UK & Ireland rights for the truly innovative Multibio boiler. Multibio is a game changing technology which generates heat and power from both conventional wood based fuels, but can also reuse waste streams into a convenient low cost & locally sourced fuel.


How is Multibio different to other biomass boilers?

Multibio is unique thanks to the ground breaking design of the burner. This innovation offers two huge advantages over other biomass boilers. Firstly the customer can benefit by being able to switch between fuels. No longer will biomass heating costs be dependent purely on the price of wood pellets and wood chips. Secondly it means that large producers of waste can reuse that waste as a carbon neutral fuel, and start eliminating their energy bills and refuse bills

The patented rotary cylindrical combustion chamber, continuously rolls clinker cakes into the ashtray during combustion. This effective approach to dealing with clinker significantly increases boiler reliability. This design has meant that even with fuel versatility, Multibio boilers require no more than a standard annual service.

The Advantages of MultiBio

  1. Low heating costs for various buildings due to multiple fuel options.
  2. Fully automatic heating system
  3. Environmentally friendly.
  4. Does not produce any compounds that could damage the chimney or boiler.
  5. MultiBio burners do not produce any kind of odours, that could bother your surroundings.
  6. There is working temperature of around 1200°C.
  7. MultiBio burners do not use stand-by mode (or damping mode) where fuel burns at low temperature and low efficiency which can produce a lot of smoke and emissions. MultiBio burners operate at the highest environmental class with near zero emissions of CO (Carbon oxide).

Heating power range

30kW, 50kW, 100kW, 205kW & 600kW


Very low operating costs

It is possible to save up to 2/3, that’s almost 70% on operating costs in comparison with other automatic heating systems.


Wood pellets, plant pellets, straw pellets, corn, miscanthus, production waste etc.

Giving you an overall efficiency of up to 90% – maximum recommended fuel humidity is up to 15%. The MultiBio rotary burner can easily handle the effects of various fuels. This ground breaking design means that even with this added versatility, Multibio only  requires a standard annual service.

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Independently Verified

The Multibio (originally branded Petrojet) first received academic acclaim in 2012 in the first generation of its design (currently sold as a 3rd generation product). This huge applaud came in the form of an independent assessment of its capabilities by the esteemed AFAB Bioenergy Consultants, Sweden ( The report carried out by CEO of AFAB, Bengt-Erik Löfgren, who is widely considered one of the worlds leading experts in energy from biomass referred to the boiler as:

“An excellent way to burn all types of fuels”  with “Unique abilites”

Bengt-Erik Löfgren, CEO AFAB Bioenergy Consultants, Sweden

To download the highly supportive and independent AFAB report, please click here or on the link below.

Independent AFAB Report – Multibio/Petrojet.pdf

Volvo Factory retrofit

Fully Automatic System

MultiBio boilers are fully automatic boilers, which offer variety of power output and all have automatic ignition system. The ignition can be initialized by a common indoor thermostat. The only manual operation is to fill the fuel storage once every 3/4 months and empty the ash pan out once a week.

At the core of this hot water boiler is the rotary burner MultiBio A70. This unique and patented burner system can burn a variety of granulated materials and wastes with an efficiency of up to 90% and can be specified to produce between 30-600kW of power.

Retrofit Now Available

The image shown on the right is of a 600kW burner which has been retrofitted to a previous biomass system from a different manufacturer. This approach has meant this Volvo factory can use alternative fuels in their pre-existing biomass system and make huge savings on their fuel bills. This has come at a reduced cost to a complete installation and has proven very reliable.

Retrofitting can be carried out for the whole range of burners, but is subject to the pre-existing biomass system condition and assembly.

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